Outdoor Enhancements

Fall 2018

This Fall, 22 trees were installed by John’s nursery. The money for these was a result of the Riverside Outdoor Enhancement Committee’s fundraising efforts including grants from the Maple Syrup Festival and the Woolwich Community Fund and donations from parents as June teacher gifts. There are different native trees that provide a variety of leaf shapes, colour, shade, growing speeds and some berries, including Silver and Scarlet Maples, Oak, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Tulip Tree, Balsam Fir, White Spruce, Cedar, and Basswood. Some members from the Kiwanis Club came out to help plant 20 shrubs, along with Mrs. Soehner’s family, to add Red Osier Dogwood, Pussywillow, and Nannyberry. The Kiwanis Club also donated $2100 to add to the remaining money teachers received in donation gifts from parents in June. Plans are in the works to use this money for more trees and shrubs to create a windbreak on the West side of the schoolyard. Many thanks to the parents who joined Mr. Hatcher in weeding and cleaning out the gardens at the front of the school on our gardening Saturday!

May 2018

Our new playspace is almost ready!  Earthscape is nearing the end of construction and should wrap up by the end of this week.  One of the last details was to lay new sod.  It will need to be watered and protected so the fences will remain in place to allow the sod to root before the students start playing in this new space.

On the tree fundraising front, we have been awarded $3000 from the KWCF Woolwich Community Grant and we are waiting to hear about receiving funds from the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival.  We are hopeful that we are on track with our fundraising efforts for trees with the goal of having  John’s Nursery install the trees by September.  We also had a generous offer from the Elmira Kiwanis Club.  They have offered to help us plant shrubs, which we are hoping will also happen in September.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed in some way to support this huge project!  Staff and students are really getting excited to use this new space!

Here are some photos of the progress.



April 2018

After months and months of meetings, research, phone calls, and planning, Earthscape began construction of the new playspace at Riverside!  The shovels hit the ground on April 9th.

We are so grateful for the donations from various local businesses that have made this playground build possible.  A special thank you to everyone in our school community who has volunteered or donated or fundraised towards this project over the past 5 years.  The students of Riverside are anxiously watching and waiting for this project to finish.  It surely will be a space enjoyed by all students and staff at Riverside PS.

Here are some photos of the progress.