Toonies For Terry

Next Friday, September 23 Riverside school is going to be having our Toonies for Terry school wide run. Students in the school will be taking part in a 1 hour Terry Fox run from about 2:15-3:15. Students will be running Terry Fox laps around the school building (junior students) or around our school yard (primary students). Families are welcome to come for our Toonies for Terry event if they would like to join us outside that afternoon. Join in for some running, walking, or simply cheering all of our runners on. Riverside students are invited to bring in toonies or loonies on the day of the run. We will be raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society. If families would prefer to donate through the Terry Fox Foundation online, our school’s fundraising page can be found at:


We can’t wait to join together as a whole school in this Toonies for Terry event. Each of our Riverside students can play a small part in keeping Terry Fox’s dream alive and making an impact when it comes to cancer research.


Friday, September 23 will also be Crazy Sneaker Day, so students are welcome to decorate some fun and crazy running shoes for our Toonies for Terry run day.

Go Riverside Go,