Please be advised that the Waterloo Region District School Board has approved a boundary study for the elementary schools serving the Elmira community.  The study includes: John Mahood, Park Manor and Riverside Public Schools.

This boundary study will be used to consult the school communities and public regarding the reconstruction of Riverside Public School in response to future residential development in the Town of Elmira.  The study is also an opportunity to contemplate the existing school boundaries and enrolment at all the schools in the study area and recommend adjustments as necessary.

Two (2) parent representatives from the school council at each school will participate with Board staff and school administration on the Boundary Study Working Group. The Working Group will set objectives, develop and review boundary options, review public feedback, develop a transition plan and confirm recommended options. These parent representatives will act as a liaison to the parent community.

Working Group meetings will get underway in April 2013, and further updates about the study will be provided at that time. There will also be two (2) public meetings held through this study to seek input from the broader community. These meetings will be advertised in the local newspapers, on the Board’s website and through flyers sent home to each of the students in the study area.

For more information on the Elmira Boundary Study, please visit the Board’s website at and search “Elmira Study” or contact the Board’s Planning Department (519-570-0003 ext. 4419 or ).